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Fixing large photovoltaic panels

How to fix large photovoltaic panels?


You are already foretasting the savings you can make on the cost of electricity needs. In fact, thanks to the photovoltaic system, you will be able to self-produce energy for your home and business, taking advantage of a renewable and environmentally friendly source such as sunlight.

Be careful, however, because first you have to design the appropriate system for your need, evaluating all the important aspects that will enable it tooperate with maximum efficiency and safety.



Photovoltaic panel fixing systems


The radical solution to building a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system is to use components made by the best companies on the market without delay that can demonstrate their experience, expertise and professionalism.

Companies like ours at Contact Italia. Just think that we are able to offer a very long warranty: as many as 30 years of trouble-free operation and 24/7 support.

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In this article you will find the most interesting information related to an absolutely not to be underestimated aspect concerning fastening systems for large photovoltaic panels.

The article may be especially useful to those seeking information on the topic with questions such as:


  • How are photovoltaic panels anchored on the roof?
  • How to fix photovoltaic panels on flat roof
  • What to put under photovoltaic panels?
  • How to fix photovoltaic panels on trapezoidal sheet metal?


Dimensions of photovoltaic panels

The size of most PV panels is 1.65 x 1 m, but there are also larger PV panels that measure 2 x 1 m

Analyzing the problems related to the installation of large photovoltaic panels, Contact Italia’s specialized technicians, using the most modern tools within the design and production processes, have created two new products: UNILINK and SPIDERNET



The two systems allow concatenated mounting of rows of panels, arranged in horizontal orientation, on flat roofs.

The main advantages of these two solutions include the possibility of mounting even large panelswithout any problems:


  • the ease of assembly
  • The low stresses on PV module frames even under high wind and snow loads
  • The ability to achieve the desired tilt.


The UNILINK system

This system is extremely versatile because it allows installation with inclinations between 7 and 30 degrees, thanks to the telescopic, pre-assembled support kit, with which the height and inclination of the individual panel can be adjusted to compensate for any discontinuities in the flat roof surface.

In addition, it is possible to attach modules from both the short and long sides.

The system consists of a telescopic support kit and concrete ballasts with integrated aluminum profile, as well as the necessary mounting accessories.


The SPIDERNET system

This system consists of a base profile and panel attachment kits.

The basic profile is available in two versions, of which the taller one is particularly suitable for those areas where the wind is stronger.

Fixing kits, on the other hand, are available for standard inclinations in 5-, 10- and 15-degree versions, but as mentioned above, the desired inclination can always be made upon request.


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In conclusion

In short, with these two new products Contact Italia guarantees the optimal installation of even large panels.

The mounting system of photovoltaic panels is absolutely important to improve the efficiency and durability of your self-generation energy system.

Choosing quality products designed and manufactured by specialist companies like us at Contact Italia is the best guarantee.
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, and contact us now to find out why we are able to offer a 30-year warranty and how our 24/7 service works

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