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Fixing photovoltaic panels on ballasts

How to choose the mounting system for PV panels on ballasts?


A high-growth sector

Fastening systems for photovoltaic panels, like the entire renewable power generation industry, are in a full phase of development and growth.

The most dynamic companies engaged in the production of the components that are used for panel assembly are continually developing their products and designing new ones to improve their performance so that they can be installed extremely easily and quickly and at the same time safely and efficiently.



PV panel mounting systems on ballasts

Skilled technicians

You can put your specific question directly to Contact Italy.
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, submit your inquiry, and technicians who specialize in designing mounting systems for photovoltaic panels will quickly offer you the best possible answer.

The most frequent searches for information on PV panel mounting systems on ballasts involve questions such as:

  • What to put under photovoltaic panels?
  • How to anchor PV?
  • How to Bracket Photovoltaic Panels?
  • Where can’t photovoltaic panels be mounted?


Features of the fixing system

Let’s start with the fact that, PV panel mounting systems have to fulfill several challenging functions, such as performing both the function of solid and strong ballast and that of flexible and adaptable support.

The fastening system is required to be:

light, so as not to burden the covers with its weight.

robust, to withstand the stresses the panels are subjected to, such as wind, snow and rain.

versatile, so that they can be used on the different types of surfaces to which they will be attached, such as flat roofs, curved roofs, or vertical walls.

adaptable, to be able to overcome the many types of obstacles on surfaces and the limited space available.

variable, to allow the panels to assume the optimal position with respect to the incidence of the sun’s rays through different degrees of tilt.

customizable, to allow ideal installation even in situations where the orientation of the surface is not optimal with respect to the sun’s trajectory.

And that’s not all.

To deal with all these situations, manufacturers develop and offer products with specific characteristics so as to:

  • Make the work of designers and installers as easy as possible
  • Decrease the cost borne by contractors and facility owners


B-DUE System

With this in mind, Contact Italia, at the KEY ENERGY trade show in Rimini, presented a new ballast mounting system to the market for the first time.

The new system is called B-DUE, designed for any type of module, from the smallest to the largest of those currently on the market.

B-DUE has already been certified, and among its special features we find:

  • does not require drilling holes in the surface
  • Is available with 5, 10 and 15 degree inclinations
  • Allows modules to be installed on both horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Comply with the installation conditions given in the manuals from the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.


This last plus is of tremendous importance because it makes it possible not to lose the guarantee offered by manufacturers on the panels’ operating efficiency over time.


PV panel mounting systems on ballasts. Contact us now

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In conclusion

The mounting system for photovoltaic panels must fulfill several important functions for the purpose of achieving long efficient operation of the panels, without sacrificing ease of design and assembly and without placing too much of a burden on the cost of building the system.
Choosing quality products designed and manufactured by specialized companies like us at Contact Italia is always the best guarantee. Contact us now
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and find out why we are able to offer a 30-year warranty and how our 24/7 service works.

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