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The warranty for damage to photovoltaic systems

Is the mounting system of PV panels important for warranty?



But how long will your system last and who guarantees it?


The historical events that we have been experiencing for a few decades now have contributed to an increasing push toward the decision to build plants for self-generation of electricity from renewable sources, thus leading to a major increase in demand.


Warranty for damage to photovoltaic systems


Among the evaluations that should absolutely not be underestimated when deciding to set up a plant to produce electricity from a renewable source such as the sun is that relating to the guarantee on its optimal operation over time.

The sun is by definition a perpetual energy source, but how long will your system last and who guarantees it?

If you are also looking for information on this topic, you are among those people who ask questions like:


  • How long does a PV system warranty last?
  • How much does it cost to insure a photovoltaic system?
  • How long to amortize a photovoltaic system?
  • How much does it cost to insure a 6 kW photovoltaic system?


The best way to address this issue, right from the plant design stage, is certainly to carefully select your suppliers.


Attention to suppliers

Suffice it to reflect that the plant will be able to have an effective and optimal convenience if it can maintain the quality standards of operation over a long period of time. (10 / 20 years)

To avoid running into the problems caused by the inexperience of many manufacturers and installers, it is always best to turn to long-standing suppliers, such as we at Contact Italia. We have been operating in the electrical industry for over 90 years and in the photovoltaic industry since its inception.
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if you would like to address any inquiries to us and you can check the degree of expertise we offer our clients.


What guarantees should a photovoltaic system have?

Warranties for PV systems are important, especially since they are necessary to obtain the right insurance policies to cover the many risks to which the systems are exposed.

Ultimately, it is the insurance policies that set the criteria for the adequacy of the facilities, because if they are not carried out in a workmanlike manner, the companies may not pay out any required claims.

Basically, two types of legally mandated warranties operate on PV systems:


  • The warranty covering manufacturing and conformity defects in products, which lasts for a minimum of two years and which some suppliers also extend up to five years
  • The guarantee covering nominal performance, lasting at least 20 years, against drops in performance. The maximum efficiency loss of the system should not exceed 10% after the first 10 years and 20% after 20 years



Wind is a major risk factor

Among the hazards to which the plant is exposed, and which can therefore cause the damage for which compensation can possibly be obtained, are the weather and in particular wind.

These risks, however, can and should be kept under control through the use of properly designed and certified mounting systems for the purpose of good engineering practice. Those produced by Contact Italia, are made in this way and because of this they enjoy a very long warranty of as many as 30 years of trouble-free operation and 24/7 service.

Mounting systems for photovoltaic panels, must be designed and constructed to be able to easily and quickly carry out any type of installation: on flat or pitched roofs, on vertical or integrated walls, for ground or industrial installations.


How to be sure of the warranty

To ensure the highest quality of fastening systems, one must:


  • Starting with the selection of the best materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel
  • Subject all systems to stringent stress-testing that verifies their load-carrying capacity and durability over time


For the installer, this means that in terms of fixing, the installation will be adequate with respect to the legal guarantees to be offered to the client.


Secure fastening systems guaranteed for a very long time

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In conclusion

The mounting system of photovoltaic panels is absolutely important for the warranty, efficiency and durability of your self-generation energy system.

Choosing quality products designed and manufactured by specialist companies like us at Contact Italia is always the best guarantee.
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and contact us now to find out why we are able to offer a 30-year warranty and how our 24/7 service works.

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